susah aku nak kata


manusia ni memang banyak masalah
sometimes sampai dorang tak tau macam mana nak deal with the problem
sebab tu ada yang sangap
bagi kawan2 aku yg ada masalah sekarang ni aku tak tau nak cakap apa
aku tak boleh nak tolong
aku tak nak tolong
sebab bagi aku problem tu is not rational
she should know that
she should avoid this thing
but apa nak buat
she goes to far to look back
her problem is not a big deal
just a simple love story
but i know that she is afraid to let go
she scare
what i can say darling
life is so much to offer to you
you still young
you will meet a lot of people in the future
and not all of the people that will stick with you forever
except for your family
so be a good girl
and think about this rationally
i know it gonna hurt your feeling a lot
but believe me darling it will pass
and somehow i think you will manage to overcome it
finally love your family
because you will not get a second change in life

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